How do I independently check my credit history?

The credit history is usage information. Loan funds for every citizen who has applied to the bank. In this dossier you can find out how the loan was repaid, whether and to what extent there is a debt to the bank. Before you submit a new loan, credit institutions must review the potential borrower’s credit history.


When do banks request a credit history?

credit history?

In most cases, you get a loan that bypasses the verification process is completely impossible, especially when it comes to large loans like mortgages. It is therefore necessary to accept the credit obligations responsibly and pay them in good time. Thanks to the punctual payment, you save yourself from a “bad” credit history.

When applying for a loan, you must give consent to request a personal dossier. A banking professional will definitely study it and only then will you make a decision about the application. If you want to familiarize yourself with your history before applying, you can learn how to check your creditworthiness for free. To do this, you must write a written statement to the head of the bank at the time of application, asking you to view your personal credit file. The bank has no right to reject you because it asked the credit bureau to make a decision. However, some banks do not check the credit history and set a high interest rate.


How do I check creditworthiness?

How do I check creditworthiness?

Anyone can look it up today for free. To do this, visit the website of any bank or credit broker. If it is still necessary to check your history later in the year, you will have to pay about 500 dollars. For a fee, you can check at least once a day. Each request is calculated separately.


Where can I check my credit history if it is not possible to call a broker?

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Before you get your dossier, you need to know exactly where the credit history is stored. You can find information on the credit bureaus (BKI) in the bank where the loan was granted. You can check the loan contract. Some lenders provide the address of the CII and personal code to get the required information.

If you know the address, you must first inform yourself about the time of admission and drive there with your passport at the specified time. To check your credit history, you need to write a statement stating your own request. You should not expect the data to be available to you within a few minutes. The wait takes a few days.

If your office is in another city, you must fill out an application and email it with the notification. An answer will come within a month. Please note that information about multiple credits can be stored in different offices. So if you want to check the credit history in each of them, you have the right to do it once a year for free.

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